Be True, Be Product Builder

Put the first steps of a grand journey to build a true global product company
and join our mission to build great enterprise software for the world.

Our Story

We believe that software is the only opportunity to bring and capture more value for the whole world, and Vietnam born great engineers who are capable of writing the best software. So we found True Platform with a mission to build great enterprise software for the world.

What we are looking from you

Solid background knowledge
A solid foundation of your major helps you succeed anywhere. If you are a Software Engineer, it’s great that you have BS or higher in Information Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics or any related field. Make sure you hold the key to success of any high performance and scalable product: Algorithm & Data Structures, Programming Language.
Product mindset & Problem solving
Building products with True, you can play with ideas and iterations daily to solve the hardest problems. Always ask “why” to make sure you deliver real values to real customers.
Ambition to take challenges
Keep dreaming big to build a global product company from first steps! Being earliest members comes with a great deal of challenges, but we believe your willingness to learn can drive you to be a part of something really big, really innovative, and really impactful.
"The best or nothing" spirit
It wasn't easy to accept the fact that if we couldn't work hard enough, we could never make anything special. Here we want to build a special company, and we need that spirit from you. Try your best, and create extraordinary outcomes.

Why you should join True Platform

Global products

At True, we want to build the easiest-to-start, simplest-to-use, and fastest-time-to-value customer-centric platform that help global companies win deals, grow loyalties, communicate seamlessly and work better with customers.

Career ladder

We make your career ladder transparent from Day 1, so just focus on your hard work to upgrade your level as soon as possible. You will never get lost with constant 1-1 guidelines from leaders and senior members.

Benefits package

The package will be upgraded day by day: Competitive salaries plus bonus based on performance, Employee stock ownership plan, 4 times review per year, Days off and holidays, Health insurance, Team building and company trips, etc.